My Comfy Pjs

By Youanna


This is a very late post about my first set of pyjama coordinates. I have finished this project some two-three months ago, but didn’t post about them until now. I was not in the mood today to pose for the pictures, so I used my faithful dress form to help me with this task. For […]

Vogue 8771 again

By Youanna


Howdy, Today I would like to share with you my second Vogue 8771 tunic. I have used the same type of fabric, Ponte di Roma, in two tones, and I have done a little change to the pattern for a slightly different look. I love this one as much as I love my first tunic. […]

Wrap Top in Green Shades

By Youanna


Hi friends, This is a post about a top I made about three months ago, but I just didn’t want to write about it, as it was not so much of a hit for my goal of building a wardrobe. Things have changed a bit…What happened? Well…I decided to use Ottobre Romantic Notes top pattern. […]

Leftover fabric – Blue love

By Youanna


Hi again friends, Did I not tell you yesterday that I was very active on the sewing machine but not so much online? Here is another proof of that: a new long sleeve winter top, made from some leftover Ponte di Roma knit. If you remember from my previous post, I mentioned that I love […]

Vogue Tunic

By Youanna


Hi friends, I have been away from posting new stuff lately, but I was still sewing and knitting a bit. Bare with me a little, and you will soon see what I have been working on lately. Vogue 8771 ¬†- was my project for a little while, and I have been able to get a […]

“Mystery” pouch

By Youanna


Reading the tarot cards is one of my likes (when I have time)…and I have a few decks now. I store them in their original box, but to connect, you need more than a box. How do you treat your best friend? I do the same with my favourite cards. I love Osho’s deck, but […]

“Flower Tote” – when you shop for fabric…

By Youanna


…When you are addicted to fabric (like moi)…you need a fancy tote to carry your fabric purchases¬†back home! My serger machine was taken on the shop for some maintenance, so I only had my sewing machine available for use. I saw this as a great opportunity to make a shopping tote. I used to think […]

Ribbon Yarn Scarf

By Youanna


Found some ribbon yarn in my small stash, and in between other projects in progress, I started and finished this one in a couple of afternoons, when my brain was rather in a lower gear from deadlines at my day job. Did I not mentioned not so long ago, that I cannot wait to get […]

Making lingerie

By Youanna


This post is all about how I repurposed a t-shirt giving it a new life, a totally new meaning. The reason I was given this opportunity was because the seams in the original construction of the T were poorly made and were scratching the skin when hubby was working out. Last week he told me […]

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